Saturday, May 29, 2010

Experimenting with Easel Cards

The last few cards, I have been experimenting with easel cards! They are so fun. I love how they stand up on their own. Here in France we celebrate Mother's Day two weeks after Canada, so this one for my mother-in-law is my most recent. We phoned to see if it had made it there yet (so Papa could hide it until tomorrow!!) and found out that even though I sent it a couple of days ago, it still isn't there. Usually the postal service is amazingly fast...but not so when the there is a national strike. Gotta love France!

The second is of course my dad's birthday card...which is of course late due to--wait for it!--the postal service. Okay, probably it is also my fault for not getting it mailed soon enough. `

On this card I tried the double stamp technique. The first time I stamped it in the base colour and the second time I coloured the stamp with my markers and re-stamped the sections in the middle. That stamp-a-ma-jig is a fabulous tool. There is one section which jiggles a little bit, but that's okay. It sort of gives it a 3D effect!!

What do you think? Aren't easel cards wonderful? Go ahead and leave a message. I love your comments.


  1. Tes cartes sont vraiment magnifiques.

  2. Going through my pile of junk papers, I often find a little tidbit of joy. Last week, I found one of your special cards that you had made for me.
    So, not only did it make me remember our good visits and time shared but made me look you up on line to see what was happening in your "new" life.